• Prakriya means

    Our processes of learning - how we learn, not only what we learn, can foster a deeper wisdom and wellbeing. Learning with enthusiasm, making myriad connections, being inspired by people we respect and experiencing warmth and acceptance in the space around us can make all the difference to schooling for a child.

  • Cherishing
    'Being of every child'

    To respect every child we make learning age appropriate - and in tune with the natural way of learning and the natural processes of growth. This  is best done by providing a suitable social and natural environment for her / him to ‘be’.

  • Learning actively

    Every child has a natural ability to learn what interests her. We help igniting a spark of interest and keep it alive, when children learn through experience, through doing and active participation. It is also easier then, for children to learn joyously and explore concepts from different perspectives.

  • Active learning
    critical thinking

    Middle school processes are designed to help children with greater concept understanding, widening horizons, toughening them up and supporting them in becoming industrious.

  • Intellectual
    academic rigour

    Smooth-sailing, tough or turbulent – whatever the nature of one’s adolescence, the high school years are often the most memorable years of school life.

The Prakriya Green Wisdom School was started with the intent of seeding many meaningful pursuits - that go beyond conventional aims - for both children and adults who are part of it.

In these times when we are faced with many major crises to both human and ecological well-being,

Prakriya is a learning space that is committed to nurture the ability and creativity -

  • to take charge of one's learning in a holistic way and value meaningful visions, not only limited short-term goals
  • to think and live in a way that fosters well-being in oneself and collectivities we belong to
  • to foster a deep understanding in our relationships to the land around us and to Mother Earth
Glimpses of a unique learning space
Essence of Prakriya
Learning through Indic Frameworks and Perspectives in a School - A sharing by Seetha Ananthasivan
Prayag - a confluence of ideas on What is Education for ?

Core Beliefs about Education that we have anchored in:

  • There is a great diversity amongst children, just like the diversity in Nature.
  • Children learn naturally and easily what makes sense for their age and needs.
  • Facilitators need to be enthusiastic, life-long learners.
  • Seeding a sense of purpose through fostering ‘Real Life’ learning and seeing the larger picture is essential.

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Some of our beliefs in action

  • In the Nursery and Primary wings, we have 18 children in each class; Prakriya’s teacher child ratio is 1: 8. This helps us respect the uniqueness of each child and give her the time and energy she needs.
  • Learning through doing and experiencing happens every day. The younger children have mixed age group classes and thematic learning. This helps them learn better and more naturally, more joyously and with deeper understanding.
  • In the middle and high school “real life” projects, active learning, creative habbas, participative sessions on communication, environment, citizenship and reflection and more make learning more enlivening and rigorous.
  • Teachers spend two Saturdays a month in workshops and interesting activities.
  • The culture of being supportive and encouraging of each other, looking for deeper meanings, “voluntary simplicity” and also enjoying day-to-day activities helps to keep alive a vibrant learning environment.

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