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Applications for Prep1 and Prep2 are being issued at the school office.

Prakriya welcomes students and parents
who believe in the philosophy of the school!

We recommend that you go through the website to get a feel of the core philosophy.

Prakriya is affiliated to the ICSE Board(Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) and issue of applications starts on 16 September 2020.

If you would like to visit the school or know more you may e-mail to or call the office on 6364013999 or 9513088861/62.


About Admissions and Admission Requirements

Which is the best time to begin the application process?

Application forms for vacancies and fresh admissions for 2020-21 will be issued at the school office from 16th Sep 2020 onwards.

Contact - Tel: 6364013999 or 9513088861/62 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

To which classes are admissions normally possible? What are the acceptable age limits?

For Prep 1, your child has to complete 3 years 6 months as of 1st June to be eligible for admission in that year.

Will the age limit be relaxed under any circumstances?

The age limit cannot be relaxed for admissions into nursery or primary classes. In some cases, age limit criteria may be relaxed for admissions into middle and high school classes.

What are the admission requirements?

The following is the process to admit your child into any class:

  1. Procure, complete and submit application form at the school office.
  2. As parents you have to attend a one day workshop where teachers will also offer a presentation about the philosophy, processes and practices of Prakriya
  3. For classes 1 to 10, your child will have to attend school in the appropriate class for 3 days wherein the child can experience the school and the teachers can experience the child.
  4. For Prep1 and Prep2, children will spend a few hours with/ without parents in the appropriate class or participate in some activities along with teachers.
  5. You will normally get to know if your child has been granted a place in Prakriya within 7 days of completion of all requirements.
  6. Admissions process is complete after you pay the required fees.

About Class size, timings, working days and holidays

How many children are there in a class?

There are 19 to 20 children per class in the nursery classes;
17 to 19 children per class in classes 1 to 4;
and 25 to 26 children per class in classes 5 to 10.

What are the school timings?

The school timings are as follows:
Classes 1 to 10 : 8.00 am to 3.00pm
Nursery School : 9:30 am to 1.15pm
The school has a five-day week for students up to class 4
Classes 5 to 10 work on one or two Saturdays in a month as specified in the school diary.

Give me information about the school term and holidays.

The school year starts in the 1st /2nd week of June and lasts till the 1st week of April. The first term of the school year normally has a duration of 4 months, and the next two terms are approximately three months long. Between the terms are the Dusserah holidays and winter holidays lasting 10 to 15 days. The summer holidays after the 3rd term is about 2 months long for children and 1 ½ months long for teachers.

About School Uniforms, Bus and Kitchen Facilities

What about the school uniform?

There is no school uniform, but children have “House T Shirts/ Kurtas” in their house colours which they need to wear on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Voluntary Simplicity is a value we wish to follow at School and children are expected to wear simple clothes commonly accepted by the school community. Details about the dress code are available in the school dairy.

Why don’t you have a school uniform?

Prakriya believes in the individuality of the children and that there is no need to get them to wear a uniform. Moreover, the idea of the uniform came from the army where rigid discipline was required and individuality was prohibited. However, three days a week children are expected to wear their house T Shirts/Kurtas (in the house colours) which has the school logo printed on it. This is more an expression of belonging to a group.

Can I have information about the school bus facility?

Students and teachers take the school bus which follows certain routes from Koramangala, HSR, Sarjapur Road and Marathahalli. Admission is given only to children who stay along the above routes, or within a radius of 10 kms from the school as per Government rules. We also do not wish any child to travel more than 1 hour by bus to reach school.

Bus routes will be displayed at the school office during admissions.

Do you have kitchen facilities?

At Prakriya, in-house kitchen facilities are available to children from Class 2 to 10. A wholesome vegetarian diet is provided - a health drink and a heavy snack in the morning such as idly, dosa, upma, bhelpuri, chappathi rolls etc. and lunch consisting of salad, vegetables, chappathis, dal, rice and buttermilk etc. Processed, junk or very oily foods are not provided.

About Fees, Extracurricular activities, parent participation and assessment

What is the fee structure?

For fee details, please contact the school office.

What are the extra-curricular activities you offer?

Please refer this.

Do parents have opportunities to participate in school activities in any way?

Yes, you may write to the school about the manner in which you would like to volunteer.

What is the system of assessment followed by Prakriya?

Please see the assessment section under each of the school divisions.

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