What Green Wisdom Means to Me

Green wisdom is wisdom which has many dimensions. Just as the various shades of green, green wisdom is a multifaceted wisdom. This wisdom is "for the Earth, by the Earth, and of the Earth. This kind of wisdom requires a different medium for its propagation, different from the means used to spread scientific knowledge. Though green wisdom includes scientific knowledge, it also refers to the wisdom obtained by experience, by observation and by a deep understanding of nature. Green wisdom cannot be taught - it has to be picked up by the people from their environment. If a person's environment does not give him/her the opportunity to learn from it or about it, the person is unable to acquire this wisdom. This form of wisdom includes knowledge, understanding and respect; and is the wisdom with which a person becomes a complete human being.

Prakriya is, if not for anything else, a unique school as it does create an environment for the child, where there is scope to attain what is known as "green wisdom", and the teachers really help the child on his/ her journey on the path of green wisdom, till they reach their destination - class 10 where all their learning culminates into one important event, i.e. the examination; after which the students graduate and leave the school as true Prakriyans.

Moving on to the two best parts of the school, something that no other school can replicate, are the teachers and the campus. To start off with the teachers, from running with you on sports day, to taking out time from their breaks to repeat concepts individually, to behaving as crazily as we do during the school trips: man they do it all. The Prakriya teacher community is one of the most amazing one's ever, even though I may have never admitted this as a student and have always complained about the "annoyingness" of the teachers, and I can also say with complete surety to the parents of Prakriyan students that your children are in good hands. Nowhere will you will be able to find teachers who are so understanding and supportive that the students can approach them about anything - both academic and non-academic - without hesitation. This I am saying from personal experience as I too had, along with a few classmates, approached a teacher about the "cool" factor and handling peer pressure, as a student of class 6. That meeting is one of the reasons I am what I am today, and I am free in my thoughts and opinions.

The Prakriyan campus is, by far, one of the best school campuses I have seen even though may not have a proper basketball court a grassy fool ball court, or any type of "luxuries outside the man school building I say this, the main reason being the openness of the campus, and the breathing space t gives the students, which is otherwise impossible to attain anywhere else in the city. I remember that as a student, often during the breaks, our class would go and sit under a tree in the nursery section, where we would discuss anything and everything, be it the looming board exams or what we would wear on the day of the graduation. We did so freely, not with the feeling that we were breaking any rules, and this would act as a breather between classes, especially in the higher classes.

The main thing about Prakriya is the support that a student receives from the teachers, which is crucial. especially when the student is following the ICSE syllabus. From experience, I can say that this syllabus has made me just give up, break down and cry. This of course would not have happened if I had listened to the teachers a little earlier. The point I am trying to make by saying this is that all the teachers, especially those in high school, are extremely understanding

about the pressure of the syllabus and the board examination, and they go out of their way to make the roller coaster ride as safe and comfortable for us as possible. Furthermore, many students may feel the transition from class 7 to class 8 a big leap, and it truly is, as the teachers like to call it, a different ball game altogether. However, here too the teachers really help the students through this process so that they feel d comfortable in the new environment.

Maansi Anantpur
Batch of 2015

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