Balambika is Prakriya’s Nursery wing...

It is also the most delightful place in the campus. Prakriya has nurtured Balambika – the space and its way of living and working with much thought and care. Equal importance is given to ‘Being’ and ‘Learning’ at Balambika…

Balambika has qualified teachers who are learners, sensitive, passionate, and love working with children.

Basic Information: The Nursery wing comprises of the classes Playgroup, Prep I, Prep II and Class 1. There are 16 - 18 children with a teacher and an amma. The Minimum age requirement as on 1st June of the academic year is:

Playgroup : 3 years
Prep I : 4 years
Prep II : 5 years
Class 1 : 6 years

This age requirement cannot be relaxed under any circumstances.

Learning Programme and Focus

The focus is on interpersonal learning, fostering children’s imagination, learning by experiencing and doing and connecting with Nature. The children are also encouraged to:

  1. experience and learn about the space around us.
  2. build gross motor and fine motor skills.
  3. learn basic concepts in languages and numbers.

Learning of other skills is age appropriate. Children learn through various multi sensorial and experiential activities. They spend a lot of time with nature under adult supervision - enabling them to develop curiosity and enjoyment of Nature as well of learning.


These are some of the learning approaches we follow:

  • Mixed Age Group Classes - some classes  to help children with self-initiated learning and to learn from each other
  • Emergent Curriculum – to foster the interest/curiosity from what is emerging from children.
  • Montessori classes - for enhancing math and language skills
  • Circle time - to build perspectives and self understanding
  • Fun days - to celebrate and enjoy community expressions
  • Nature walk - to enjoy Nature and to build awareness and consciousness of Nature
  • Music and movement - for self-expression and to learn to be comfortable with themselves
  • Games & sports - for physical fitness and fun
  • Field trips - for building awareness and independence
  • Book reading - to foster imagination and listening skills
  • Skill building - focused time to work on reading and writing skills


Balambika, the nursery block with its simple home-like buildings is meant to make the child feel at home!

Balambika has its own little amphitheatre, learning activity corners, a sand pit, Montessori rooms and spaces for same age group classes. The names of classes are Champa, Bargadh, Arjuna, Gulmohar , Amla, Ashoka, Parijatha, Arali, Anaar, Athi. And all these trees and many more are found across the spacious grounds of Balambika. Also in this space is the Panchavati - with the 5 sacred trees of India.

Altogether the space provides a natural environment that children love to play and to be in.

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