The Campus

The Campus

The school is located in Bangalore about 10 km from Koramangla and 2 km off Doddakaneli on the Sarjapura Road.

Children love and thrive in an environment close to nature – Prakriya is close to the city but it is blessed with fresh air, green rural ambience, a view of a lake and gently undulating land around the campus.

Within the campus are over a 100 species of trees and uncounted number of shrubs, herbs and weeds and a steadily increasing population of birds, insects and other fauna. 

The football and the basketball courts and school blocks

The football, basketball courts, long jump pit and auditorium which are prime attractions for children are located amidst all the greenery.

The school has separate blocks for Nursery, Primary, Middle and High School sections and an Administration Block. The design of the classrooms, activity and play areas, as well as the facilities in each block are age appropriate.

Adding to the ambience is a pond, the Buddha lobby, the Panchavati, the Devar Kadu, Dhanvantri, Pintu Python, Eki-Doki, Organic vegetable garden and the Honge Theatre.

Hasta Kala Kuteer

Hasta Kala Kuteera was recently inaugurated in Prakriya. Hasta kala kuteera serves as a dedicated space for various crafts, including carpentry, pottery, weaving and other handicrafts.This is a space for the pure joy of working with hands, heart and head. Imagination and creativity twin along too!

By engaging in hands-on craftsmanship, children gain an understanding of the effort invested in creating each individual item. This, we believe, can lead to a heightened sense of awareness and responsibility as consumers.

The larger objective of our crafts programme is to introduce and kindle interest in Indian craft practices and enable our children to own their Indic roots with pride.

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