Facilitator Education

The teachers and other staff at Prakriya are the anchor persons for all activities of the school community. Be it the teachers, the Bus Drivers, the Kitchen Manager or Support staff, gradually, most Prakriya community members have become co-holders of an ethos of ‘going beyond’ their roles and tasks.

Teachers at Prakriya are well qualified, experienced and seriously interested in being ‘learners' and 'facilitators of learning'.

While subject knowledge and the ability to go beyond the syllabus is essential for a Prakriya teacher, there is also a focus on becoming a ‘friend – philosopher – guide’ to students as well as unto each other. Teachers are also involved in reviewing and shaping of the ethos and learning processes in the school.

At Prakriya the criteria for selection of teachers for different sections is based on knowledge base, experience and dispositions required for different age groups.

Teachers’ learning and growth is fostered informally on an on-going basis as well as formally through:

  • In-house as well as external training programmes to learn new and innovative methods of teaching.
  • Book reviews and discussions around various issues concerning, education, children, the school, social and environmental realities.
  • Annual personal growth labs and retreats
  • Mentoring and regular feedback
  • Professional mentoring
  • Presentation of research papers
  • Workshops on micro teaching, ALM, MI, Mind map, assessments, macro themes, NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Workshops on thematic learning, emergent curriculum, language, holistic science
  • Workshops on re-looking at Indian history
  • Subject specific professional development and evaluation workshops conducted by the CICSE board

Prakriya/Bhoomi being a hub of alternative education, teachers also have ample opportunities to meet interact and engage with experts and activists in the fields of education and ecology.

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