Our Story

The Foundation and its story in brief…

K N A Foundation for Education was established in 1995 as a registered Public Charitable Trust.

It was founded by Seetha Ananthasivan with a vision to foster meaningful and wholesome growth in youngsters and a keenness to develop inner and outer ecological wisdom in communities it engages with.

To work towards this mission the KNA Foundation initially organized various programmes on education including two national conferences:Confluence on Holistic Education – Search and Research (1997) and Indian Knowledge Systems in Education (1998).

The Prakriya Green Wisdom School

In 1999 the Foundation started the Prakriya Green Wisdom School to focus on holistic, humanistic and ecologically wise education.

During the last 2 decades, Prakriya has been a pioneer in creative school education and has become one of the top alternative schools in India that takes learning far beyond the basic requirements of the curriculum.

Prakriya has focused on experiential learning with a deep concern for the inner nature of every child and her learning patterns; as well as on building a learning community and culture based on the principles of nature – which include valuing diversity, relationships and processes, interconnectedness, energy flows and infinite (or spiritual) search.

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Outreach Projects

Other institutions and projects established by the KNA Foundation include:

  • Bhoomi Network and Bhoomi College, Bangalore. established in 2007 with a vision of contributing to the movement for ecological living
  • Sharavathi Rainforest Research and Education Centre(Shimoga District, Karnataka) to study and document the flora and fauna of the region and also offer programmes on wilderness experience and learning.
  • Rural Education and Research Centre at Gumalapuram, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu, as a Centre for organic and natural farming, research and education.

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Prakriya - At a Glance

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