Bhoomi Network

Bhoomi Network - was established in 2007 with a vision of contributing to the movement for sustainable living, especially through educational institutions. To work towards this vision, Bhoomi Network has launched the following initiatives:

  • Bhoomi College - Bringing together individuals and communities through its Fellowship programmes, weekend programmes, conferences and workshops to learn, share and engage, aiming at ecological living on our planet.
  • The Eternal Bhoomi Magazine
  • Weekend programmes as well as a month long programme to support those who want to take up organic farming in both urban and rural areas.
  • Programmes on Holistic Nutrition, Inner and Outer Ecology and Learning from Wilderness.
  • National and local conferences on themes such as
  1. Food, Health and Climate Change
  2. What’s a Good Life (for students and Educators)
  3. (Re-) Writing stories for an ecological age
  4. Economics of Happiness (international conference, in partnership with Local Futures)

Sharavathi Rainforest Centre

This centre is being set up a space where children and youth can experience a rainforest and to learn to value and connect with wilderness. Programmes to explore the connections between ones inner psychological patterns and how we can attempt to align ourselves in many ways with principles of Nature, such as the one on ‘Deep Ecology’ are also held here.

This centre is also available as a base for students doing research in the Western Ghats area. We also plan to start an arborium at this centre, to grow the more endangered species of trees of the Western Ghats.

Bhoomi Rural Research and Education Centre, Gumalapuram

This is a centre that is being developed in Gummalapuram Village in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu to provide space for holistic learning for students from rural areas. The focus will be on learning from living in a community as well as on valuing organic farming, crafts, natural food and health. The simple buildings here are made with compressed mud blocks, rammed earth and minimum concrete and steel. This will also be a centre for learning about building with mud, bamboo and recycled products.

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