The graduation speech I did not bother to share

I joined Prakriya Green Wisdom School when I was seven, and I would be lying if I said I grew accustomed to the school’s many quirks right away. Prakriya was the complete opposite of my previous school, with wide open spaces, approachable teachers and a friendly atmosphere. There were classes like ‘music’ and ‘nature walk’ which I had not heard of in my previous school.

I found my voice that year; I found some great friends and teachers who I will never forget.

Before I came to Prakriya, I was a timid and quiet child, who preferred solitude (a version of me that not many will remember now). The school taught me laughter, companionship, freedom and the give-and-take process of support. The times I’ve shared with the friends I’ve gained here will never be forgotten.

The teachers of Prakriya are all so unique, yet all so similar, in the very fact that they care. I have been in Prakriya for nine years and I can proudly say, that I have never been taught by a teacher who didn’t care about the students. Sure, sometimes I didn’t put in the required effort in classes, or tests, but the teachers didn’t quit. They put in a lot of effort to keep classes interesting (I guarantee that almost everyone in high school will, at one point or another, would have been playfully slapped by Jaya Aunty) and it’s only now that I can fully appreciate what they’ve done for us. My teachers in Primary, Middle and High School have given me the complete Prakriya experience. I doubt, if I’ll ever be able to thank them all, enough.

All in all, the school has, quite honestly, made me who I am today. I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come and I’m proud to say that I am the result of all my years in Prakriya. I really can’t remember having a single “major” bad experience. There were minor irritants, but then, tell me, who has it all right, all the time? This school has taught me a lot – to be a leader, but also the freedom to say “NO” to be a leader; to express myself without putting down another. From the friendships to teachers to habits to soar with one’s ideas, I owe it all to Prakriya. Some of the practices, though I dismiss at some level, I know it is of value to me. The fact that the school goes overboard with healthy eating and sustainability, does rankle me sometimes. But, as Rema aunty says, “It may not make sense now. Our hope is it would make sense sometime in the future.” As I listened to Rema aunty, my hope was also the same! These years in school will always be a significant part of me, of who I am.

To all the current students of Prakriya, I’d advise you to enjoy the time you have left in the school while you can, to appreciate this school for what it is. Prakriya may not be the biggest school or the fanciest one, but it’s probably one of the most special.

Bhavani Sitaraman
Batch of 2014

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