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The Bhoomi College offers post-graduate diploma courses on:

- Holistic Education

- Science and Management for Sustainable Living

These courses are meant for those who want green careers or have a keen interest in education for ecological wisdom. These courses include a strong element of experiential learning, internships with various NGOs and organisations concerned with green businesses along with perspective building through workshops/sessions by scientists, philosophers, thinkers, and teachers who have done pioneering work in the area of sustainable living. More information on these courses is available at

Gubbachi School is a learning community which is working toward mainstreaming ‘out of school’ children from migrant families and help them to get access to schooling and learning.

Prakriya and Gubbachi partnership started about three years ago.

  • As part of Prakriya's outreach program, we are involved in the professional training and personal growth of the teachers of the 'Gubbachi' School. Our teachers conduct workshops on varied topics ranging from MI to learning style to integrating story telling on a regular  basis. This year, we also conducted the annual personal growth lab for their teachers.
  • Weekly visit by our children to the Gubbachi Centre/Government school. The objective of the visit is to have purposive and non-purposive interactions between Prakriya children and the government school children. Our children teach them Hindi and in return, learn Kannada from them. Each of our children has a buddy in that government school and he/she is responsible for the learning of their respective buddies. The children give/ take homework to/from their buddies at the end of every class and also give each other a test in the beginning of the class. Two teachers go along with the children to facilitate the entire process. It is a 16-week program and it happens twice in a week. We do see the children connecting to their buddy in their own ways. We have also seen a bonding develop between them. Each child knows the strength and weakness of their buddy. There is also room for non-purposive play/chit-chat time.

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