High School

The High School consists of class 9 and 10.

Class size is 26 students per class.

Changing priorities, changing relationships and new demands on time and effort characterize the high school years when the young student is expected to focus on the exams and to begin thinking of her/ his ‘future’.

While board exams have become inevitable for our youth today, there is much a school can do to go beyond acadmics.

Learning Programme and Focus

Prakriya is affiliated to the CISCE (ICSE) Board.

In the High School classes, the focus is on preparing children for the school leaving exam. Students are supported for Exam oriented academic rigour with regular tests and pre-board exams, strong concept understanding and learning to deal with application based questions that the ICSE pattern of exams emphasizes. The emphasis is also on enabling children to build on their skills in using keywords, and the quality of their presentation including handwriting.

Active Learning processes continue in High School, but the focus on subject knowledge is greater than in middle school.

In addition to ALM, Self study module and mind maps/flow charts are used extensively as  preparation, consolidation and revision tools.

Circle time as well as workshops are conducted.

Theatre based self exploratory programmes are conducted, wherein children get an opportunity to understand themselves, their strengths, their block, their peers and their responsibility to the group that they belong to.

Non purposive spaces are created, where children have the opportunities to share and get in touch with the joyousness and struggles of being an young adult.

Regular study habits are integrated into the program throughout the year so that children take charge of their learning.

Other focus areas include - enabling students to take on leadership roles as members of the student council, and workshops to help them work with their dreams and goals as also with holistic and critical thinking.

Regular work throughout the year is emphasized upon, to avoid the frenzy during exam time. Feedback sessions with parents and students are held to encourage regular home study.


  • Science Experiments
  • Real-life Projects – which address current issues using a ‘hands-on’ modality.
  • Academic Projects and assignments
  • Presentations in Class
  • Regular study habits at home and regularity in submitting home-work
  • Life skills - perspective building through circle time, celebrations and other non-purposive engagements.
  • Activities - Clubs, Yoga and Shramdhaan
  • Library, gardening and nature walk
  • Sports & Games – Physical activities, which are essential for good health, form an integral part of the curriculum. Children are encouraged to play regularly to improve their ‘personal best’, and develop basic skills in all the games which are played at school. There are four trained physical education teachers for guiding the children.
  • Field Trips & Excursions – 2 to 3 one day field trips, One long trip (3-4 days) with the focus on eco-consciousness, heritage or culture.
  • Parents will be called for meetings to support study habits & boundary maintenance.
  • Green Wisdom Classes
  • Conversation spaces are created for children to interact with alumni, parents and experts in various fields.


The focus is to prepare the children for the exam oriented academic rigour. Regular class tests and assignments are given to keep up the momentum. In class 10, children take two pre-board exams before their final ICSE exams. We have qualified and trained teachers who are experienced, competent, passionate, rigourous and are subject experts who can take the children through their board exams.

Class 8
Class 9 -  2 Unit tests, 1 term end and 1 annual exam.
Class 10 - 2 Unit tests, 1 term end and 2 preparatory exams. (no AMT) conversation spaces are provided to high school children by interaction with alumni, parents and experts in various fields.

Subjects we offer :

Group 1 - Compulsory subjects -  English, Second language - (Hindi/ Kannada/Sanskrit), History and Civics, Geography
Group 2 - Option - Maths or Commercial studies
                Option - (Physics,Chemistry, Biology) or Environmental Science
Group 3 - Option -Physical Education or Cookery or Art


Well equipped laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Cookery lab) and Humanities Room, a well-stocked library and audiovisual facilities to enhance the learning experience.

The football ground, basketball and volleyball courts are used more by the middle and high school children. They also have the benefit of living and learning from the biodiversity within and around the campus.

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