How would you describe your school culture?

Our school culture is a mixture of different ideas from different cultures. Its like an ocean, where each droplet is one idea. We believe in a lot of things at once, yet we have one underlying idea: in whatever we do, we will take a wholistic view of it, and everybody will respect and uphold it.

We work strictly with the laws of Mother nature, and connect with her principles in all of our activities. She is the one who guides us, and if we go against her, we are the ones in trouble. We have a strong bond with this Mother of ours.

Everybody is equal. Everybody is unique. And everybody has their own thoghts, they express them in their own ways, and everybody respects that about them. We nurture this uniquness, and take it forward as different forms of expression, be it in our Habbas, Melas and other projects.

When we approach something, a new idea, we look at it from all possible angles. We perceive all possible outcomes. For example, in our class discussions, if we talk about a dam project, we discuss the pros and cons of it, we look at it from the everybody's point of view: the builder's, the common folk and the farmers. And then we reflect on these thoughts, and see who we connect with. This is not important from an academic point of view, but in Prakriya, it is important and valuable.

In our culture, there is no specific right or wrong, but the decisions we take should not harm or affect our smaller or larger surroundings. There is no wrong thought or wrong idea, but when a thought has a negative impact on a another, it should be stopped.

This world is not only ours, it belongs to the trees, the birds, the bats that inhabit our campus, the mountains, rivers and valleys. We don't have the right to destroy any of these and use them for our own cause. We respect this idea: we have our own 'Devarakadu', or God's forest, where nobody goes. Nobody eats the sour gooseberries that falls fall from the gooseberry tree, nobody picks even a twig or a leaf from there.

And in this way, we live in harmony with our surroundings, and our surroundings live in harmony with us. This is our culture, and we uphold it.

Vaishnavi K Rangan
Batch of 2017

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