Strengths I found in Prakriya

Prakriya is an environment full of people with different values , strengths, ideals and interests but everyone who is a part of it has one trait in common-sensitivity.

Every member of Prakriya, be it a faculty member, support staff or a student is very distinct and unique as an individual. But there is something so special about this place that effortlessly creates an invulnerable bond between everybody. You can stand out as an individual thing and even when you are part of a group right from the beginning I felt that the teachers believe in myself, because of which I have always been able to be myself and voice my opinion without the fear of being judged.

In our gardening class with Pushpa Aunty in middle school I planted some seeds, took care of them. As I watched them grow, it always gave me an immense feeling of accomplishment.... like I had achieved something and it gave me the confidence to work harder towards things. Prakriya has taught me life lessons like these very seamlessly.

Sometime in the 8th grade, we were introduced to working on constructing a functional windmill with Rajesh uncle. This of course involved a lot of calculations and concepts in physics which was not exactly to my liking. But as time passed by and we got more and more into the details of this project, I realized that physics and math may not be something I want to pursue as a career. However, it sure is pretty interesting to find out how things work and the mechanism behind them. I learnt that even if I am not very good at something but take it up as a challenge and work at it, I will definitely gain some knowledge. Most importantly this experience made me realize that learning can be fun.

Since the number of students in the high school section was relatively small compared to middle school, we got the opportunity to participate in activities along with different age groups. There was hardly ever a "dominant 10th grader" or an "impossible 5th grader", in fact we were all like one big family.

The school has so many special places all around but the shed behind the amphitheater is my favorite place. All the girls in our batch would sit there during lunch and snack break or even during some free time. It was "our" place and we never allowed anyone to take it during all these years. Acting as a shelter, it would provide us with shade on an extremely sunny day and protect us from the heavy rains. The shed reminds me of the word " togetherness" because no matter how hectic or tough the day had been or how we were feeling as individuals, every break we would all be there together chit chatting, laughing, arguing and of course sharing our food. All of us have so many memories to remember that have taken place here from petty fights to tons of laughter and things to smile about.

Prakriya has given me a lot to take back and cherish but what has really made my journey here so significant is the fact that I have learnt so much more than just what is in the text books and the syllabus. I have learnt about life and about myself. I have watched myself grow and become a better person over the years that I have spent here.

Malavika Wadiyar
Batch of 2015

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